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2017 - Week 08

In brief:

  • Game test-revealed issues of OSR/Sword and Sorcery game - mainly revolving around how to avoid an Advantage mechanic from being passed back and forth and a slow grind to death in combat when PCs aren't skilled
  • How armour works in games (and why PCs generally favour it - it's because it alleviates damage, even in freaking Star Wars where it shouldn't)
  • Issues in DnD 5 when you have to use all your powers to win an encounter and then rest 1 hour (short rest, 4E's encounter power equivalent) or 8 hours to be able to handle another encounter. [Note: I suspect flawed encounter design is at least partly at the root of the issue here - are the DMs calculating CR correctly?]
  • Dungeon design - parts mentioned: dungeon history and change, nodes, meaningful/informed choices, zones/areas, factions, information, resources… Several of us are leaning towards a node-based model (where nodes are the “happening” parts). [ I'll get back to you with this as I'm trying to work on a bit of a general building model with core parts that help get an interesting adventure laid out quickly]
  • Why typical Dwarven Hold architecture would kill dwarves and/or any visitors
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