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2017 - Week 07

  • We talked about how to create/propagate a (Star Wars) atmosphere. Mood (among other things around a place), as a sort of encompassing setting description/NPC guide, and Themes (to drive the story?) came up. Settings tend to have inherent assumptions (Star Wars - make everything bigger! up the stakes!)
  • There were some tangents regarding films, e g how to convey a Tarantino mood, e g the “Mexican Standoff” situation where one character is bluffing, or the random conversations between “important parts”. Solar System was mentioned as one way to do this, with the risk of escalation into violence, and several other methods were discussed. Lady Blackbird was also mentioned (refreshment mechanics to regain dice pools which required flashbacks and so on, easily converted to a more Tarantino-style style of scene)
  • Visual cues in films were mentioned - however as RPGs are not a visual medium these may be of limited use in game [Reflection: novels, theatre and screenplays may give more clues on how to handle these things - RPGs have players who are often “actors” while the GM is a narrator who feedback loops with players]
  • The lack of “unknown parts of the map” in Star Wars was mentioned, as well as its dearth of unintelligent creatures and how reality tends to have greater complexity than most fiction/game representations (e g noble houses in the Holy German Empire)
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