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2016 - Week 48

Details will be missing, but today we discussed:

The Satanic Panic surrounding RPGs in the late 80ies and how the modern Kult failed to make a splash due to RPGs being too obscure and the modern public far number than the ones exposed to the first Kult (pop fiction references: Mazes and Monsters, Jack Chick's Darkest Dungeon, Stranger Things)

Tools of the trade - items that enhance the game and their pros and cons. Among the mentioned:

  • extras being the money makers (provided you reuse assets and don't require expensive illustrations)
  • initiative dial/clock (better than keeping track of numbers in games that need it),
  • the dungeon tactical map and its paraphernalia (neutral ground of the world, good for tactical combat overview, tactile and helps beginners with immersion but flat (no levels), requires miniatures/markers, requires terrain markers and ruins fluid cinematic immersion)
  • story dice and inspiration cards (good for kickstarting imagination but can be handled by randomized tables),
  • world maps (nice overview, gives view of world but maybe for some work to create - spinoff discussion regarding games like Apocalypse World, Bläck and world building games where you make the map together),
  • laptops/tablets (good for music, photos, calculations, programs and historical details but can introduce delays and software distributors (Apple) can introduce issues with them [i.e. Western hit location app] - as an aside I could see more helper apps a la board games really work here. We could probably have a whole discussion regarding software aid),
  • the GM screen (rule references, atmosphere in more antagonistic games but rules have become more streamlined while screens often place the wrong rule references there [custom GM screens are neat] and the screen introduces a barrier between GM and players)
  • The character sheet ( which seemed to lead to focus on it when it exists, though apparently rules light sheets like Dread or Psychodrame less so*) which also sparked a discussion regarding (semi*) static system content (stats) and thematic (dynamic*) content (character personality). There was also a bit of an argument regarding mechanics and sheet design.

There was more but I left before the discussion concluded. I shall proceed to attach the modified character sheets I created if I can find them before bedtime.

* bit of personal commenting here, Vincent

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