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 +=====2017 - Week 02=====
 +We had two topics (and a lot of off topics) this week.
 +As game masters, and humans, we tend to take shortcuts the more we do something. One can stop describing in favor of having the players describe, while another can stop prepping and instead rely on improvisation, and even playing certain genres can be easy by using their tropes and plots, instead of thinking of the structures in how these plots are created. That mental shortcut will make other genres become really alien and hard to prep or improvise for.
 +So how to beat this behavior? Well, challenge yourself to play different styles and genres. Step outside your safe zone and throw yourself into uncharted game master territory; switch game with someone else, or decide on a certain thing that you want to concentrate more on - may it be describing characters, doing voices, or prepping names and places.
 +The second topic were about how to describe to create a general feeling. Describe in a subjective manner based on specific characters, choose the words to symbolize status, or describe things that cannot be imagined by using made up words but putting these words in a context so they can still sort of be understood.
 +Have a list of words, and repeat them over the session, or have a list of things that you aren't allowed to say; so you have to use your creativity to work around that.
 +Have everyone look at movies to set the mood, imagine how to describe certain settings or characters within the movies, let the game system be formed in a way so it creates a mental model for how to engage with, or describe, the setting and the characters' actions. And finally, Puke Apocalypse. Use mantras for how to describe: "describe everything like it has been dug into the ground for 50 years", or "describe characters like they have been riding in the desert for five hours".
 +{{tag>weekly_summary describe technique shortcut challenge practice feeling Apocalypse_World}}
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