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Tenra Bansho Zero

A Japanese technofantasy roleplaying game, one of a few published in English, taking place in a distant future on the Japanese-mythology-inspired world of Tenra.

Characters are class-based (e g powered samurai, cyborg soldier, human-size doll, mystical monk, mech-pilot). The rules section is massive for its simplicity, with good educational comics explaining the rules. The world section is also large, explaining the world of Tenra - mostly with a focus on its workings, life and history.

The game focuses on a theatrical structure of play, where scenes are meant to usually take an hour before being concluded and a intermission takes place. Players whose PCs aren't present are meant act as an interactive audience, rewarding things they like (and sometimes bringing in their own characters).

Mechanical features of note:

  • Karma: As you increase in power your Karma increases. If a character collects to much at once they become an Asura and turn evil and into an NPC.
  • Death box: Taking damage cannot kill a character, just knock them unconscious or take them out of a scene. However, ticking the death box grants a PC a boost in power while adding the risk of death.
  • Aiki: Given by players not present in a scene (or the GM), these can be used for a host of mechanical boosts

Game testing: -

Supplements: The books exists in soft and hard cover(limited edition). No supplements published in English.

Published in English by Kotodama Heavy Industries, the Japanese Zero version was released in 2000 (original in 1997).

Links: Official (English) site

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