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 +===== Spirit of the Century =====
 +Pulp game set somewhere between the two World Wars. Uses the [[FATE]] system but has some noticeable features, and one of the best written game master chapters of all roleplaying games.
 +  * Three different methods of writing scenarios: [[fish tank]], [[bangs]], and fully improvised.
 +  * A nice damage system feature, where you got five boxes for different wounds that you check off. If you get a wound and already checked that one, you increase that wound one step. What this creates is a system where characters can only take a few heavy wounds without having any special rules for it (like with [[Shadowrun]].
 +  * The character creation system is writing a backside summary of the your hero's adventure, and then pass it along to another player that writes his/hers character into that story. From that story, the character gets its stats.
 +  * Also available [[|free online]].
 +{{tag>pulp rpg bangs fish_tank story_game rickard}}
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