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Max Raven

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(in Swedish)

Elevator Pitch: A game about kids and teenagers solving mysteries in the vein of Blyton's Famous Five.

Status: Currently missing a finished “play the game” section, including a scenario construction section, as well as illustrations and layout. (If you know any good illustrators for the genre please tell)

Links 2014 Version

Fjärran Världars Sång

a k a Stable Orbit, That Cyberpunk Star Trek game

Elevator Pitch: It's a more cyberpunk version of Star Trek, with posthuman protagonists in small FTL ships exploring and keeping tabs on human colonies.

Status: In its planning stages, basic system rules have been tested but not all the core ones. Needs a (core book) plan, a good name and some good illustrator(s) to bring a nice weird-enough rusted look to it.

Links: Tumblr

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