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 **Links**: [[http://​​|Tumblr]] **Links**: [[http://​​|Tumblr]]
 +==== Rickard ====
 +=== This is Pulp === 
 +A game set in the era of Indiana Jones, Rocketeer, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and King Kong. It's a game that takes around seventy minutes to play, including character creating, adventure writing and rule explanation. The game is so easy to play that anyone can be a game master after playing it for the first time.
 +Only three pages long.
 +=== Thrice ===
 +A game that is two pages long but has more strategic depth that D&D4.
 +=== Burn the Midnight Oil ===
 +Surreal investigation game.
 {{tag>​untagged}} {{tag>​untagged}}
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