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Obscure RPGs

Games not commonly mentioned or well-known. Some may simply be obscure due to age, others due to lack of popularity.

English originated RPGs

RIFTS: A (really bad) 90ies kitchen sink RPG where a post-apocalyptic high tech future is mixed with gods from different mythologies, dinosaurs, aliens…

Trinity: Space Opera RPG where PCs are humans with psychic powers. Aside from different aliens (and the odd human nation state), their main antagonist are superhumans from the era of Aberrant.

X-Plorers: A game that fashions itself as an SF game based on the premise that the original creators of D&D has been more interested in Sci-Fi.

Swedish RPGs

This contains a mix of games of a more indie bent and games not published by the most well-known publishers. Some of these may be less obscure than others.

Skymningshem: A Space Opera Wuxia Anime RPG.

Null State: High-lethality action rpg where players try to stop the world from ending.

Japanese Roleplaying games

These games are mainly games that have some popularity in Japan or outside. Not the same as computer jRPGs.

Double Cross: Superhero game with protagonists empowered by an inhuman virus eating away at their humanity.

Sword World: One of the earliest and most (if not the most) popular fantasy roleplaying game systems in Japan.

Maid RPG

Tenra Bansho Zero

French Roleplaying games

Qin, a wuxia historical fantasy game set in the Warring States period of ancient China.

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