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A Matine mod for those who want to play an action adventures in Mutant's setting.

The game is written by Rickard - a member in Fish Tank.

Noticeable features

  • Playtested for a year. After playtesting, the rules were actually written, and it took a total of two weeks to write the book, including getting feedback from proofreaders and setting the text in layout.
  • Uses an initative board in combat.
  • Uses two tensided dice, but as a d100 for skills and 2d10 for attributes.
  • The players can describe how they take out someone when doing critical damage.
  • Critical damage threshold for a character depends on how important the character is for the scenario.
  • How good the character in a skill is affects damage more than the weapon used.
  • Skills can be combined in any matter, as long as the player can describe it.
  • Has a in depth chapter about how to write a fish tank for that setting.
  • Powers in that game does something special, instead of just “+2 to XXX”.
  • About 50 pages in size, most of it are advice for the game master.

Homepage (Swedish) - the rulebook is up there for free.

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