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The participants usually, in traditional roleplaying games, describe first what they want to do, apply modifications and then roll the dice. The game master then usually describes the outcome. That's Fortune-at-the-End. Fortune-in-the-Middle gives the dice roller an option to affect the outcome after the roll has been made.

Note, Fortune-at-the-Beginning could be things like Rory's Story Cubes or Once Upon a Time, where you first roll dice or draw cards and then do the best with the “hand” you were given.


  • Feng Shui - The player describes what hir character is doing after the roll has been made.
  • Drakar och bananer - Uses banana descriptions to challenge the player in how to describe the outcome after the roll.
  • Apocalypse World - The participant has a list of outcomes to choose from for each skill.
  • Mouse Guard - The player can spend points or activate abilities after the roll to make the roll fail or succeed. (Failing is a way of advancing in skills.)
  • Dogs in the Vineyard - The participant gets to choose to continue the (lost) conflict by escalating it.
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