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Line 5: Line 5:
 {{:​40k_dh_sheet_v1.2.png?​direct|}} {{:​40k_dh_sheet_v1.2.png?​direct|}}
 {{:​40k_dh_sheet_v1_p2.png?​direct|}} {{:​40k_dh_sheet_v1_p2.png?​direct|}}
 +**Pet sheet**
 {{:​40k_rt_pet_sheet_v1png.png?​direct|}} {{:​40k_rt_pet_sheet_v1png.png?​direct|}}
Line 13: Line 15:
   * Modify further based on feedback   * Modify further based on feedback
-{{tag>untagged}}+{{tag>character_sheet rpg}}
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