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For a page with pictures with the explanations, see this page.

To edit a page, select the pen and choose “edit this page”. On a desktop computer this is the top right-hand menu item.

Usually if you're unsure of a command you can figure out how to do things by looking at other pages.

You can also use the Preview button to see how the page looks before using the Save.

GUI Editing

There is a graphical menu with options on the top of the page which should help you get started. Leaving your mouse pointer above the buttons will give you information what they do. In order the buttons are:

  1. B is for Bold
  2. I is for Italic
  3. U is for Underscored
  4. M is for Monospaced Text
  5. S is for Strikethrough
  6. The four H:s are different headlines - same level, subheader, higher header, select
  7. The two chains are for links - internal and external
  8. The next two are numbered and dotted list items
  9. The line is for a horizontal rule
  10. The picture frame is for adding images and other files
  11. The Smiley creates Smileys
  12. The Omega is for Special Characters
  13. The Pen adding a signature Inserts the user's Signature
  14. The bookmark/tag button is for adding tags. These help categorize related pages

When using buttons you will get the wiki code equivalent. What you see is not what you get. To see the page appearance without saving, click Preview when editing.

See syntax for details on regular DokuWiki syntax.

Page linking issues

You may have issues with linking due to languages. If you need to link to a specific language of a page:

  • When linking to Swedish, use /sv/ in front of the internal link: [[/sv/beginner's guide to wiki]]
  • When linking to the English from Swedish, for internal links use the format / : [[/beginner's guide to wiki]]


This is a work in progress.

Best practice when creating a new page:

  1. Create a link from an existing page [[New Page Title]], usually using the term in a “neutral” form (singular if noun phrase [e g “dog”], progressive if verb[e g “running the game”])
  2. A Header matching the page title will exist unless you're adding a translation
  3. Add description/main text
  4. If it isn't a tag page, add at least one tag at the bottom of the page, separated with spaces and with underscore for spaces in phrases - try to have these in the same format as page titles (singular if noun phrase [e g “game_mechanic”, “fantasy”], progressive if verb[e g “culture_gaming”])
  5. For page translation, select language to translate into at the bottom and add (Language code) in the page title header, if there is no native term (e g “=====Eon (Sv)=====” )


Use the tag button or {{tag>tag1 tag2 tag3}} to add tags to an article.

If you want have tag description pages:

  1. Create tags for a page ( {{tag>[tag] [tag] [tag_with_more_than_one_word}} ). This will create tags to the bottom right of the page which will lead to a list of all pages with the tag.
  2. Go to[tag] and select “Create this page”. If a page exists, feel free to add to the description!
  3. Add a description. Add {{topic>[tag]}} to the page - this will generate a list, like the one you just wrecked by your page creation. You monster.

Guidelines For Tags

  • Always use singular instead of plural. Technique, instead of techniques.
  • Always write full names. game_master instead of GM
  • Try to keep the tag to one word, if possible. Some terminology contains however several words.


  • To access Swedish pages, select the “Svenska (Sv)” button at the bottom of the page
  • When linking to Swedish, use /sv/ in front of the internal link [[/sv/beginner's guide to wiki]]
  • When linking to the English, for internal links use the format / [[/beginner's guide to wiki]]

If there is no translated entry for a page, you can create it. You will automatically be given the entire text of the original English article at the time of translation.

Delete a page

A page is deleted if you remove all its content and Save it.

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