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 +=====2017 - week 12=====
 +A lot of loose topics this Monday.
 +We talked about how to make players read the rules or parts of the game, how a game master can pitch the setting to make the players understand it, about whether [[Apocalypse World]] is a [[trad game]] or not, if different fluff is enough to make something non-traditional, about a game's procedure making it trad or not, what [[Story Now|narrativism]] is in comparison to trad, that the three poles gamism, narrativism and simulationism (GNS) are outdated, how most Swedish games nowadays has a touch of narrativism in them - i.e. most Swedish games are [[neotrad]], the scale of simple and complex rule mechanics and whether or not that scale is useful or not, how different people like different [[play style]]s, the seven commandments of how to be a good participants in [[Den yttersta domen]], and finally some improv techniques and if improv is purely for theater sport or if it can be useful in other situations as well. We also talked about the latest setup of Thomas' mega game.
 +  * [[|De sju budorden]] in Den yttersta domen (sv)
 +  * [[|Impro]] by Keith Johnstone
 +  * [[|Reading Impro, and How the Book is Beneficial for Roleplaying Games]]
 +  * [[|Johan Rising about Apocalypse World and trad]] #1 (sv)
 +  * [[|Johan Rising about Apocalypse World and trad]] #2 (sv)
 +  * [[|Arvidos about Roleplaying Games Not Being Able to Describe How They are Played]] (sv)
 +  * [[|The Big Model, RIP]] - Vincent Baker about GNS.
 +{{tag>weekly_summary trad_game neotrad narrativism GNS impro improv Den_yttersta_domen Apocalypse_World pitch mega_game}}
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