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Welcome to WikiFish!

A wiki for the Fishtank roleplaying game theory crafting community based in Malmö, Sweden.

This page is for those who want to freshen up their knowledge. The wiki should not replace us explaining the terms during our regular Monday roleplaying game theory meetings.

Feel free to add your own terms or common jargon. Create an article and add “terminology” as a tag to make i it appear in the terminology list.

Beginner's Guide to Wiki

Weekly Summary

Weekly summary of topics discussed.

Topic suggestions


Terms to add: Braunstein, Possibility Space, Diegesis

Roleplaying Games

Complete list of wiki-listed roleplaying games

For a lack of more appropriate terms, a list of popular RPGs

Indie RPGs

Obscure RPGs

Projects: A list of projects and games Fishtank members have completed or are working on. These are mostly not affiliated with Fishtank.

RPG Library: A list of games that one member in the Fish Tank can borrow from another.

Playing the game

Main article: Playing the game

The basic structure for traditional games are

  1. Learn the basic rules
  2. (Players) Create characters
  3. (GM) Use or Create a scenario/adventure with start (premise), key elements, goals and world filler*
  4. Introduce group
  5. Start/introduce premise
  6. React to player actions
  7. End game when players achieve goal, others achieve their goal or time runs out

This is not universal to all roleplaying games and there is a lot to be said regarding the basic structure.

RPG Book Design: A general observation of what parts exist in most books and some design considerations. The latter part is of limited use.

Pop Culture References

Occasionally obscure.


  • Dark Dungeons: short comic by Jack Chick, about satanic/wicca cults seducing kids through D&D.
  • Quick Start!!: Manga about high school girls playing (existing) RPGs. The unofficial translations give some general ideas regarding how the systems played work.
  • Genshiken: About a club of general nerdiness in Japan with a focus on anime and manga


  • Mazes and Monsters: movie that kickstarted the DnD satanic panic in the US. Based on the book vaguely based on lies based on a true story. Starring Tom Hanks in his first major role.
  • The Gamers: humoristic portrayal of how a game session would look like as if it were a movie.
  • Äventyret: Swedish version of The Gamers, using miniatures.

Computer Games

  • Darkest Dungeon: Computer roguelike RPG where your heroes go insane and die a lot. Not to be confused with Dark Dungeons.
    • In depth analyses of different kinds of roleplaying and boardgame elements.


  • Impro, by Keith Johnstone
    • A must-read for all game masters, and LARP designers.
  • Play Unsafe, by Graham Walmsley
    • Contains an extract from Impro, but “translated” into roleplaying games.
  • Understanding Comics, by Scott McCloud
    • Says the same thing as MDA (see Game Design below) but from a totally different perspective.

Game Design

    • Why we enjoy playing, and why we keep on playing.
    • Brings together most theories of what people enjoys in games (like Four Keys of Fun, and Bartle's Types), and categorize them. A good introduction to different game theories and player type analyses.
  • MDA - Mechanics, Dynamics, Aesthetics
    • Game designers usually start from Mechanics, but the users starts with Aesthetics. A general approach to game design.
    • Excellent introduction to game design on Youtube with challenging ideas about what game design is.



    • In depth reviews from someone with an open mind about roleplaying games.
    • The reviews usually goes through the mechanics, if you ever wondered how one game's mechanic is working.

Roleplaying Game Forums

    • The largest Swedish roleplaying game forum, hosting official Swedish roleplaying game forums.

Video Game Theory

    • Because the articles are based on psychology, a lot of the articles can be applied to roleplaying games too.
    • Articles that goes into different mechanics in video games.
    • Short videos about contemporary topics within game design


Suggestions of Subsections

Possible subsections that can be added if anyone wants to fill them with information:

News and Rumors, About Us, Scenarios, Specific Game Contributions

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